Are you as random as a cow?

People all over think that they have a brain. they later find out, they don't. They fail school and become a hippo at the local camera shop that sells candy to small fairies. When those hippos start to eat cherries (that fall up?)weird things start to happen. Have you ever seen a crimson butterfly. Yeah. That's the repentance! The * is coming to get you!!!!

That my friends (and hippos) is an example of a random paragraph. I made non sequitur comments and made reference to I Wanna Be The Guy and Fatal Frame II in the same paragraph. Those are things you don't usually see together unless the username Cloud8745 is in there somewhere in between. Ok, now I'm just rambling. Take the quiz. If your random it'll tell you. Now...GO!!!

Created by: Autumnmycat

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Welcome to the quiz. Do you like cake on a rubber duck?
  2. You see a mushroom. What is your first thought.
  3. Do you like water? All over your body?
  4. Do you like this nerrish quiz so far?
  5. You're walking down the street. Someone is selling a brand spanking new NES!!! What do you say?
  6. Make a random sound effect.
  7. Do you like cheese?
  8. How do you feel as a person?
  9. You think school is...
  10. This is my last question. How did you feel about my quiz??? <(^_^)>
  11. I lied. This is the last question. I was testing your skill. Are you possibly aggitated that I lied to you?

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Quiz topic: Am I as random as a cow?