are you as good of a speller as me?

Spelling is easy for some and hard for others. but are you as good of a speller as me? i coorect others spelling, i rarely need corrected for m spelling.

So are you as good of a speller as me? do you think you're the best speller ever? well thats what i think. i don't believe that there is a better speller me.

Created by: sweatpea206

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. in the next 14 questions you will be asked how to spell each of the following.
  2. where is my costume?
  3. wat or wut or what?
  4. cer ser or sure?
  5. plural of deer
  6. pluaral of child
  7. televison, television, tv
  8. present for did
  9. will you comment?
  10. will you rate?

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Quiz topic: Am I as good of a speller as me?