Are you as cool as you think?

We may have a lot of friends, bullies, and people you don't know saying hi when you go to your locker. You might sit at a crowded lunch table. But ever wondered why?

How cool are you? Are you bullied? Can you tolerate many things? How many friends do I have? These are all good questions, but how cool you are depends the most.

Created by: Jack

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  1. So how cool do you think you are?
  2. How many friend so you have and do you use sarcasm with them?
  3. Do you get in trouble just for attention?
  4. Have you outgrown or disliked a hobby you used to like just because your new best friend hates it?
  5. Do you think your cool?
  6. Will this quiz help you determine your popularity level?
  7. Is this quiz long?
  8. Truth or dare?
  9. Do you follow instructions?
  10. Pick your lucky number:
  11. Name a YouTube category that you like:
  12. This is the end. How would you rate it? (Doesn't affect score)

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Quiz topic: Am I as cool as you think?