Are you are girlygirly or tomboy?

Well I did this quiz because some people say I am a tomboy but are they?This is a quiz that I got a shock about me!I like to do quizes so this is why I made it

Well I love the way you can be what ever you like!If you disagree with your result just comment and tell why your not a tomboy or girlygirl!It's always fun to try!

Created by: cats

  1. Where do you like to go?
  2. What is your fave colour?
  3. Do you like dogs?
  4. Do you like going to the sweet shop?
  5. Do you and your mom shout at each other?
  6. What is your dream?
  7. What would you hate?
  8. If your granny died what would you do?
  9. Where do you go when it is hot?
  10. Do you like the rain?
  11. What is yourr fave ice-cream flaver?
  12. What do you like about winter?
  13. What do you like about autum?
  14. What do you like about spring?
  15. What do you like about Summer?
  16. Lat one.Will you rate or comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I are girlygirly or tomboy?