Are you an SJW?

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This test will help you find out your degree of SJW-ness by 40 short questions. There are 6 possible results depending on your percentage of SJW-ness.

This test is full of strawmen, orange libleft steoreotypes and statements that may seem ridiculous or/and offensive to many people, so please be prepared to be offended by some questions.

Created by: UnwokeCommie
  1. All men are trash.
  2. If I were a man, I would feel sorry for being male.
  3. Men, not capitalism or "the establishment", are the main cause of oppression of women.
  4. The male gender as a whole should be held responsible for oppression and mistreatment of women.
  5. Individual lifestyle changes are:
  6. Hetereosexual relationships are inherently oppressive.
  7. Straight women are less progressive and/or more reactionary than lesbian women, we should encourage lesbianism.
  8. People are whatever gender they say they are.
  9. One can be male in the morning, female in the afternoon and agender in the evening, all on the same day.
  10. White people should feel sorry for being white.
  11. Some resources should be exclusively provided to people of color, and white people should be excluded from them.
  12. I support Ukraine in the Russo-Ukranian war.
  13. Consuming meat is immoral and backwards and should be discouraged.
  14. I am from an upper-middle class liberal family.
  15. I look down upon unwoke manual labor workers.
  16. I look down upon Chinese/Russian people who do not support liberal progressivism.
  17. I don't see a problem with US planes bombing Syria, as long as the bombing is conducted in the name of democracy and more pilots with diverse sexual/gender/racial identities are hired for it.
  18. We should strengthen gender identity to combat misogyny, not weakening it.
  19. I don't see a problem with pink capitalism.
  20. I have respect for Chinese culture until they start raising dogs for meat.
  21. Legalise all drugs.
  22. I care about identity problems like sexuality, gender, racial equality, more than economy problems like poverty, food, and healthcare.
  23. All men are potential rapists until they prove themselves innocent.
  24. American-style progressivism should be spread to the rest of the world.
  25. I rarely interact with people from poor families.
  26. A straight male person should be removed from his job for saying in a Tweet that "there are only two genders".
  27. Censorship in the name of "anti-hate-speech" has gone too far.
  28. Rabbits are so cute, how can you eat rabbits?
  29. *YOU* can't do certain unwoke things, because that conflicts with my set of value.
  30. I support intersectionality.
  31. I can't judge you based on your personal lifestyle, until you start driving a conventional fuel-consuming car to a restaurant to consume dog meat and listening to the Soviet anthem on your way there.
  32. I like the rainbow flag more than my national flag, the hammer-sickle flag, the RSFSR flag, and the American flag.
  33. I would rather play "Everyone is Gay" than "The Internationale" at the end of a meeting of my (hypothetical or real) political organisation.
  34. Free China! Free Russia!
  35. Overall, I'm driven more by reason than by emotion.
  36. I use Twitter and am often offended by certain discriminatory tweets.
  37. Vote Blue, No Matter Who.
  38. Collectivist progressivism like Leninism isn't the way to go, we need individualist progressivism as in the West.
  39. Eco-terrorism like pouring milk in supermarkets or robbing farms to save animals is justified.
  40. People can identify as another species and we should respect their identity as puppies or rabbits.

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