Would you kneel during the national anthem?

There are a lot of stances to take. In the NFL it's career suicide to take a stand against something especially the American flag. Many people will judge you.

Are you too American kneel. Find out by taking this test and maybe you'll get a feel of why someone would actually kneel in the first place. People have their reasons.

Created by: Serge
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You feel your people are being oppressed?
  2. You feel your actions has an effect on the rest of the USA?
  3. I was in the military
  4. I was a cop
  5. Are you Christian?
  6. Does being cool matter to you?
  7. Are you a Democrat or Republican?
  8. Does sports or politics matter more to you?
  9. If a Green Beret told you to kneel instead of sit would you?
  10. I'll do whatever it takes to help people like me?
  11. You would be more likely to kneel if your career is almost over?

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