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  • Hahaha u pple commenting r so stupid , if u think tht this is stereotypical dont take the friggin quiz , no one caress ....and btw dont tlk about mcr , because they are the best band u'll ever hear

  • hah. wow. ppl who make this quiz obviously have no lives. yeah i am a friggin scene kid. but you know what i dont gave a flying f--- what you think about me..! here..let me break it down fer ya.. listen you hater. i have a quarter in my hand.. why don't you take this quarter and go buy yer self a new life a$$hole. hah! stick that in yer juice box and suck it. pahaha! S my D! >:]

    Kudos Dino
  • That's kind of mean....:/ rude much?

  • It didn't even tell me, I'm in the middle.

  • Glamwhore is my hero.


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