Are you an MCU expert? (test your MCU knowledge)

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This is a quiz to test your knowledge about the MCU. Let's see if you are a Marvel expert or not.....please rate my quiz good. Thank you very much.....

Answer a series of questions to see how much you know Marvel and if you are worthy of becoming an MCU expert. shall we begin?.........................

Created by: MCU quizmaker

  1. Hello, there. This is my first quiz so I hope you like it. I only make Marvel quizzes so look for my name if you like Marvel. Let's begin. Do you know what the original Avengers ate in the post credit scene of The Avengers?
  2. Where are Wanda and Pietro Maximoff originally from?
  3. What was the first MCU movie ever made?
  4. Who were the only ones to ever lift Thor's hammer? (id say the real name of it but i have no clue how to spell it....)
  5. What is the name of Peter Parker's aunt?
  6. What is the name of Tony Stark's daughter?
  7. Which original Avengers died in Avengers:Endgame? Me: *crying*
  8. In which movie was Black Widow first introduced?
  9. What is Captain Marvel's real name?
  10. How would Groot answer this question?
  11. Alright, we are getting near the end. How many infinity stones are there?
  12. Who is the villain of infinity war and endgame?
  13. Hey, its the last question! I hope you enjoyed this quiz and that you will get a good score. What infinity stone is in Vision's head?

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Quiz topic: Am I an MCU expert? (test my MCU knowledge)

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