Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

There are many people that think they are introverts or extroverts. But they might be wrong. Are you one of these people? I hope you aren't. But what do I know.

Maybe you are one of these people. You probably are but what if you aren't. You aren't just gonna go around and wonder, are? I hope you won't. So why not take this quiz?

Created by: Aaaa55

  1. What would you rather do?
  2. When was the last time you where in a phone call with a friend?
  3. Where would you rather be?
  4. What is your Favourite video game franchise?
  5. Party or school?
  6. Do you like public speaking?
  7. How do you feel in big groups?
  8. Who do you hang out with?
  9. What is hell?
  10. Is a dream where everyone treats you with respect but nobody is your friend a good dream or a nightmare?

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Quiz topic: Am I an introvert or an extrovert?