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  • How the fashion lords and entertainment gods shape and rule the minds of the peasant class. Why not bring back the 50's if you wanna be a rebel. Poodle skirts and those black and white shoes were so cute on the girls. Forget trying to fit in and be yourself.

  • You are 94% emo !! 94%

    You're Emo and Proud !!! Good on you for being different !!! Rock on !! Take a look at life on the bright side, it's worth it !!!!

    huh, okay I guess I'm emo af

  • i been this way for a very long time so if anybody thinks im crazy crue yhu and im not the only one like this in the world. one question how many of yhu could go a month wearing black i know i can.

  • 83%? well thats... new...


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