Are you an Alpha or a Beta?

Have you always wondered if you should choose alpha-subjects at school or beta-subjects? Thanks to this o so wonderful test you'll FINALLY know the answer!!

Will it be alpha? The math-loving freak? Or will it be beta? A language-loving bookwurm? Or will it be both?? Find out now! Quickly do this wonderful test.

Created by: Tiger

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Was it hard for you (or is it still hard) to learn what's left and right?
  2. Are you good at remembering telephone numbers?
  3. Is it easier for youi to remember words or the melody of a song?
  4. Are you good at sudoku?
  5. Are you good at sudoku?
  6. Choose something.
  7. Are you good at art?
  8. have you got a good spatial aptitude?
  9. You like...
  10. What is next in row: 1 7 4 11 8

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Quiz topic: Am I an Alpha or a Beta?