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  • Lmao why are people taking this so seriously? It's obviously a joke, and for some may consider it in bad taste and possibly even make a ridiculously overcomplicated comment about it just crying about their childhood. To those people; Get the f--- over yourself. Seriously. Find a mirror, sit in front of it and take a long hard look at yourself. What in the hell are you doing with your life, commenting on quizzes that you personally find mildly offensive when the internet is filled with far more abusive and insulting content to this. Good day. (To those of you who had a laugh or cracked a smile, I applaud you.)

  • I am extremely angry. I am an adopted teen and this is rude and insensitive. I received that I was half homeless and almost all the way not adopted!! Get this out of here before someone assumes we are all homeless lunatics. This is a disgrace an I am personally offended.

  • This quiz was stupid and offensive, most people tell ther child they are adopted. I am adopted and I got a 'You are not adopted.' and what does p--- and touching yourself have to do with being adopted? You are rude and insensitive.

  • Dont listen to them I really liked this quiz and hope you do more like this it was quite funny

  • This quiz is fake. WTF!!??? Why would u do stuff like this people really want to know if they are or not...annoying

  • Btw I am adopted so this thing is stupid cuz it said i'm not

  • I wasted a minute of my life doing this quiz, honestly who has time for this.

  • This text did not work. It said I was not adopted lol. But I actually am.

    • k if u know you're then why are u here

  • wait adopted any way i have three sisters AND A 2 brothers there names r jeely ellie mary rhombulos and croako cool right and jeely is 16 ellie is 7 mary is 16 and rhombulos is just a baby hes 1 and croako is 14 me and him r twins

  • JoJ is Asian.


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