Are You Addicted To The Internet

Our generation is growing up in technology. When we can play farmville, and go on facebook why use the technology on medicine? Or something else important?

Are YOU addicted to the internet?????? Probably, but you never know.... You could be a normal person.. I know I can get a little obsessive, by a little I mean at least 12 hours a day...

Created by: OnMyToes
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  1. How many hours a DAY do you spend on the boob tube?
  2. Does your work require you to be on the Internet.
  3. What is the Nyan Cat?
  4. Alright let's have a break.. The Questions 6-10 don't count for anything.
  5. Do you like pie?
  6. All you need is a little butter
  7. Are you having fun?
  8. Last pointless question.. Are you a belieber? (Btw I'm not, at all. So many Illegal things I wanna do to her i mean him...)
  9. OK back to the real questions. When you smile does your head tilt to the side?
  10. So this is the last question. How many friends do you have?

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Quiz topic: Am I Addicted To The Internet