Are you a zombie or a unicorn?

Did you ever want to know if you are a zombie or unicorn? Well, here it is! You have twelve questions to answer. Can you handle the truth? I just made this one day cause i was bored.

Now im gonna say random words now! Platypus, cupcake, pizza, hog, carpet pizza! Wait, did i say pizza twice? Oh well. If you have a problem, deal with it! Oh, and please rate when your done!

Created by: Peyton

  1. Do you like to prance through flower filled feilds?
  2. Are you dressing up for a zombie or a unicorn for halloween?
  3. Do you like the smell of brains?
  4. Are you fast?
  5. Do you like flowers?
  6. Do you smell all the the time? Even if you just took a shower?
  7. How is your time wasted when you have freetime?
  8. Whats your favorite food?
  9. Do you have a horn?
  10. Last question, whats your favorite color out of these two?

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Quiz topic: Am I a zombie or a unicorn?