Are you a Zombie?

Zombies, they are famous in movies, and they come in many different forms. So you don't know who or what is a zombie, you could be a zombie as well! It could be your friends, your family, even your pets! You're not safe whne zombies are around.

Are you a Zombie? Are you not? Well this quiz will figure it out! Just answer these few questions to figure out if you are one of them or not. Just follow what I say at the end of this quiz as well.

Created by: Jake

  1. Have you ever seen a zombie?
  2. Have you ever had cravings for meat of a human?
  3. Have you ever seen bite marks on you?
  4. Have you seen blood on your face from someone else?
  5. Do you like meat?
  6. If i brought in a person here, would out eat the person?
  7. If I brought in Ash from Evil dead what would you do?
  8. If I brought in some meat of a person in front of you and started eating it, what would be your reaction?
  9. Did you enjoy this?
  10. *bonus* Are you Moaning at me!?!

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Quiz topic: Am I a Zombie?