Are you a YEAR 1 Wizard?

Some people just say they're a wizard. But are they really? What if they're squibs? Well, take this quiz to justify what you think! Take this quiz and figure out if you are what you think you are!

This quiz will send you into the depths of a Hogwarts letter telling you if you are worthy of holding it in your hands. Take this quiz on Harry Potter YEAR 1 and figure out if you are the wizard you think you are!

Created by: Laurel Shaut

  1. Who tells Harry he is a wizard?
  2. What does .... give Dudley when he/she tells Harry he is a wizard?
  3. What did Harry say when he found out he was a wizard?
  4. What is YEAR 1 called?
  5. Where did Harry go after getting his supplies with Hagrid?
  6. What is Harry's wand core?
  7. Why did the Dursleys move?
  8. Who is Hogwarts's potions master?
  9. Who is the Hogwarts headmaster?
  10. Finally, who destroys the sorcerer's stone?
  11. One more, did you like my quiz? (Correct answer is "yes")

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Quiz topic: Am I a YEAR 1 Wizard?