are you a werewolf or vampire

this quiz is to see if your a werewolf or vampire or what you prefer most i hope you enjoy the quiz and pls comment or like it

make sure to tell your friends about the quiz as well hope you enjoy it hugs... bye the way if your FLUFFY and cute or feirce and strong your a awsome werewolf and if your smart and cool tha lurks under the shadows your a vampy

Created by: shimfang

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how do you like your steak
  2. would you like night vision are a very muscular body
  3. would you like to be able to go out in the day to
  4. how many siblings do you have
  5. what would you prefer to be
  6. if you chose any from above then choose your second animal (too eat)
  7. who would win between a werewolf,vamp, and monster hunter
  8. what eye color would you prefer
  9. what is most likely you'll do
  10. what would you choose
  11. choose something to snuggle with

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Quiz topic: Am I a werewolf or vampire