Are you a weirdo?

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Are you a weirdo? if you have no idea, you should take this quiz. I dont really feel like writing this... this is the worst part of making a quiz. its stupid how you have to write 150 words for 2 paragraphs and parting words.

UHGGG!!! time for the second paragraph. I hate doing this part. making the quiz is really fun, but I just HATE writing the two paragraphs and parting words.

Created by: Mrs. Sparrow

  1. If some person walked up to you and said "Hello." how do you respond?
  2. What is your favorite thing?
  3. Would you rather eat a cord ( like a phone charger) or eat a tv?
  4. What is your style?
  5. Do you have pets?
  6. What super power would you rather have out of these?
  7. What is your favorite food out of these three
  8. Are your grades good? ( or were good if you are an adult.)
  9. Do you like going to the doctor?
  10. Do you think you're weird, normal or average?
  11. Bye!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I a weirdo?