Are you a vampire or a warewolf?

we all wonder what we are, but alot of us can never be bothered to try and find out. if you are a twilight fan and want to know if you are a vampire or a werewolf, this is the perfect quiz!

im sorry about the spelling of werewolf in the start but all of my friends had sifferent spellings so just ignore that and still do the quiz! aparently my friend can read minds. so play nice!

Created by: FrogFreak123

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like the sunlight?
  2. Do you like to hang around of a night time
  3. Reaction to blood (as a good thing)
  4. Do you like to be around people?
  5. Do you have and urge to bite people when they come near?
  6. Team Jacob or Team Edward?
  7. Are you freakeshly strong, but you have a dark tan
  8. Are you bright white and you don't tan?
  9. What colour aqre your eyes?
  10. can you change into a magical creature on command?

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Quiz topic: Am I a vampire or a warewolf?