are you a vampire?

there are some vampires out there but not many people know they are one.answer truthfully and you shall see whether you are: a vampire a half vampire a slayer or a human

but are you a vampire,slayer half vamp or human find out in this quiz and have fun if you didn't get the answer you were expecting don't worry about it!!

Created by: isabella3
  1. do vampires sparkle?
  2. do vampires have super speed?
  3. well are you a vampire a slayer a half vampire or a human
  4. hi
  5. do animals get startled when you pass
  6. do you always look at a person if they have blood around them
  7. okay what would you do if you were trapped in a room full of vampires
  8. how would you cope if you found out you were a vampire?
  9. well result time soon will you rate and comment or just rate or just comment
  10. well this is the end now result time

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