Are You A Unicorn or A Knight?

This quiz is basically an enormous waste of time. I am really really good at wasting time. That is why I created this quiz. The point of this quiz is to determine whether you wear the horn in the relationship, or if you are content to sit back and slay a few dragons in an attempt at love.

Are you a unicorn or a knight? Do you care? Do you really think that taking this quiz will determind that? Well, you are mistaken. However, if you'd like to know whether you too are capable of wasting an inappropriate amount of time screwing around on the internet, take this quiz and find out.

Created by: jamie marie
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  1. True love is:
  2. The best was to show love is:
  3. The best dragon slaying swords are:
  4. The best way to show your friend how much you care is to:
  5. My favorite color is:
  6. Of these songs, pick one that best describes your love:
  7. Of these emotions, pick one that best describes your ideal love:
  8. If the unicorn and the valiant knight are mythical creatures, why do they have a myspace?
  9. Where is the crystal waterfall?
  10. How long with the unicorn and the valiant knight be together?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Unicorn or A Knight?