Are you a true vampire?

Vampires are no doubt extraordinary creatures. They originated from Greece, Spain, Egypt, and most of all, Transylvania. They have been around for more then you can imagine, long before Dracula. In China. they were thought to be 3 eyed monsters with pink and green hair. In Spain, they were thought of as Women with a serpent tale as the legs (mermaid like). Scientists today are still trying to figure out if its possible for a vampire to exist. some think its crazy, others think differently.

Are YOU good enough to be a true vampire? Do you have what it takes to prowl the night in search of fresh warm blood? Find out. P.S. I only have this for advice, Be COMPLETELY honest!

Created by: Vampiress
  1. Your hand starts bleeding in public, you---
  2. Choose a video game:
  3. Your mom or dad tells you your going to church, you say or scream:
  4. Pick a character(s):
  5. You would describe your life as:
  6. The other day your pet told you:
  7. Pick a song:
  8. What do you think of The Vampire Goddess?
  9. Pick a famous person:
  10. Your best friend:

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Quiz topic: Am I a true vampire?