Are You A True The Runaways Fan?

Do you know who was The Runaways? If you're here, you must know. They were a first rock and roll all-female band. This quiz will surely say you, if you're a true Runaways' fan.

So, this quiz is only for Runaways' fans of this persons, who are interested that band. Let's check how much you know about your idols and I hope that quiz will bring you fun.

Created by: RunawayPunkGirl

  1. Which of these woman was the lead singer of the Runaways in years 1975-1977?
  2. In which decade was found the Runaways?
  3. Who was the manager of the Runaways?
  4. In which year the Runaways split up?
  5. Who was the drummer of Runaways?
  6. How many members of Runaways died?
  7. Did the Runaways had a huge success in America?
  8. Which member of the Runaways did a huge hit called "I Love Rock And Roll" after band split?
  9. Which sequence of songs is good for track "Queens of Noise"?
  10. For which member of the Runaways Suzi Quatro was a idol?
  11. How was called the last Runaways LP?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True The Runaways Fan?