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  • 100% texan yay i live there right now but i was born in s carolina

    Wolfgurl06 May 31 '16, 8:23PM
  • I got 96%, what did I answer incorrectly???? I was born in Texas, raised in Texas, have lived in Texas all my life, and I got something wrong on the quiz??? I seriously doubt that.

    TripleT Jan 26 '16, 3:46PM
  • So I'm not a tru Texan. Please,I was born and live in Texas. I am a girly girl,but I love horses. So maybe I don't know this stuff and I don't care because IM ONLY 11. We have a lot of time to learn my states history. Well 5th grade,yet I never payed attention. TAKE TAHT MS.CLARKE

    ABeautifulSoul Jan 21 '16, 7:31PM
  • It's not my fault I dunno a lot of stuff about Tx. I am only 11 bish! I am full Texan,well kinda. Maybe 70% Texan cuz I am too girly to dare get on a horse but horses are adorbs.

    AmazingGrace Dec 26 '15, 11:56PM

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    TBIRD Jun 4 '15, 3:08AM
  • .... I'm full texan and i got 75%.... Lame...

    AbstractWaffles Apr 27 '15, 12:59PM
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    narnia12359 Feb 10 '15, 11:20AM
  • 25% !!!!!! Are you kidding me!?!?!?!? I was born and raised young in Texas and now all I got is frezzing cold Iowa!....
    and 25% Texan in me!!!!?!?!?!?

    narnia12359 Feb 10 '15, 11:18AM
  • I was born in Britain and i have 33% Texan in me!
    (I have never studied or learnt about anything Texas~)

    DinkyIsTheNight Dec 3 '14, 9:36PM
  • I'm a Texan cuz I was born in Texas! D:

    Fadethehedgehog Jun 7 '14, 8:50PM
  • When you learn to spell correctly then you can tell me that I'm a half ass Texan! I was born and raised in Texas and have traveled all over this beautiful state. Come up with a better quiz!

    king07701 Dec 1 '13, 12:06AM
  • I have to brush up on my Texas history!!!! I'm DEFINITELY a born and bred Texas gal and proud of it! I DO NOT wear boots or say "YEE HA"!! That's b.s.!!! Texans don't talk nor walk like that. We wear the same shoes Yankees do and pretty much talk the same way. Except for our southern "southun" accents. Proud to be a Texan Y'ALL!!! We DO say "Y'all"!!!

    lilannie2 Oct 22 '13, 1:34AM
  • 92%....wish I could see which one I seemed a little skewed to the College Station area.....

    thigg Oct 16 '13, 8:53AM
  • I'm from Texas and love it here.
    Yet I still get 58%?!

    TheEpicNagisa Oct 2 '13, 4:17PM
  • Some dumb aggie made this with all the Collie Station references.

    AggiesSuck Apr 21 '13, 7:00PM
  • Im not texan at all, but i think i got 80%

    Catt Oct 6 '12, 9:17PM
  • im 50% texan and ive lived here all my life wtf i even say yall wich i thought everyone said well screw this i have txs in mah blood

    i love zayn Jul 18 '12, 11:43AM
  • i am texan but these questions r nonsense

    kiz dan May 15 '12, 9:15PM
  • I'm not a "true" texan even though that's where i live. NO person in Texas knows when it became a state... ughghghghgh

    iluvchriscolfer Apr 27 '12, 7:07PM
  • WTF the quiz was right im 100% texan born and raised here and i do love to fish and horse back ride but im not good with history .

    meow15 Mar 31 '12, 4:12PM
  • I would like to see the answers... my family once had the land grant which is now "The Colony" they came over from England in the 1840's... I thought I knew Texas history inside and out. They did'nt even ask "what is the oldest University in Texas" established in 1836. All you a&m folks it is not Texas A&M...

    sortared222 Mar 20 '12, 6:22PM
  • I don't care what the test says, I AM a True Texan born & raised here!!! lol
    Give the answers for Pete's sake!!

    Texaslady Mar 19 '12, 1:38PM

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