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What's in a name? What's in a label? People always find themselves stero-typing themselves accordingly. Do i fit in with these guys, or the preppies, or the jocks, etc;

One of the most dominate sterotypes are rebels. This quiz will let you find out if you are a TRUEE rebel. each question is specifically asked to the most common way kids can make trouble out of themselves, or out of other people.

Created by: Luce

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  1. Have you ever snuck out of your house, or gone somewhere without telling your parents where you were?
  2. Have you ever shop lifted?
  3. Do you drink lots of alcohol if you are underaged?
  4. Do you smoke pot or do illegal drugs?
  5. Do you pierce yourself?
  6. do you cut yourself?
  7. how many people have you flashed?
  8. have you ever ran from the cops?
  9. do you skip class a lot?
  10. do you think that you're a trouble maker at heart, but sometimes wish you werent?

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Quiz topic: Am I A TRUE REBEL?