Are you a true OKC Thunder Fan?

There are many fans of sports out there but some are loyal, fake or just plain average. A fan is someone who rallies everyone to support the team. Let's see if you're one.

Are YOU a true OKC fan? Do you support your team with pride, passion and loyalty? You could never know. But thanks to this awesome quiz, you can find out in a couple of minutes.

Created by: bigpants74
  1. What team was OKC before they were OKC?
  2. What number is Russell Westbrook?
  3. What team is the Thunders D-League team?
  4. What number was KD when he was on the thunder?
  5. Who did Russell Westbrook used to dance with before he got traded in the 2016-2017 season?
  6. How Many titles have the Thunder/Sonics won?
  7. Who WERE the "Big Three" for OKC before 2/3 of the people left?
  8. What number was Shawn Kemp when he was on the Sonics?
  9. What is Gary Payton's Nickname?
  10. Before Billy Donavan who was OKCs Coach?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true OKC Thunder Fan?