Are you a True RedSox Fan?

Now, there are many loyal fans here.Some who paint there faces or simply just give a simple cheer. There are many RedSox fans, some loyal and ready for their team to go into VICTORY!

Are YOU a True Red Sox fan? Do you have vast knowledge of this team! Do you know every player, stat, and fact? Find out how you qualify as a fan. Just take a minute and find out what type of RedSox fan you truely are!

Created by: Volleyball16

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  1. When you are in Boston, what is the stadium the RedSox use, called?
  2. If you were to wear a RedSox hat anywhere, where would it be?
  3. The Red Seat is....
  4. The RedSox & Yankees are
  5. This is the RedSox's Mascot....
  6. Do you know Sweet Caroline?
  7. The greatest hitter ever known went on this team before he belonged to the evil empire...
  8. Whats the green monster
  9. When was the last time that the RedSox won the World Series?
  10. The RedSox.....

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Quiz topic: Am I a True RedSox Fan?