Are you a true Everton fan?

Do you consider yourself to be an Everton fan? Do you think you know the team well? Well, take this quiz to find out and see! This is so dumb I HAVE to have a large number of characters. Ugh.

Do you like Everton? I hope you do, but I'd rather you hated Everton than be one of those fake fans that pretend they're fans but know nothing about the team.

Created by: Asdf

  1. Which city is Everton FC located?
  2. Who is the current Everton FC manager? (quiz written in 2014)
  3. When was Everton FC founded?
  4. When Everton where founded, they were not know as Everton FC, what where know as?
  5. Who is Everton current sponsor? (quiz written in 2014)
  6. Which one is Everton's stadium? (quiz written in 2014)
  7. When did Everton first win the Champions League?
  8. Which team is Everton FC's arch rival?
  9. When did Everton FC win their first Premier League?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Everton fan?