Are you a true lover?

are you a true family lover? then take this quiz boys and girls. (this is a test only) you will have 100% fun! will you like this quiz? i hope so! maybe you'll like it! so take it!

but are you really a family lover? maybe... try taking this quiz now! and i hope you have fun boys and girls! cause you will get good times here and nice times here! i love you people out there!

Created by: rOmAnCe_gOLe
  1. whats my favorite chocolate?
  2. if you have 5,000$, what would you buy?
  3. how do you wanna make syn_x3 happy from her clone?
  4. is syn_x3 really a sweetie pie?
  5. do you sketch, paint or do something else?
  6. who maded the book "hello, house!"?
  7. conversations are boring...
  8. whats the most tastiest dessert?
  9. "whats the coolest spider man movie?"
  10. should a mom call you honey?
  11. whats the tastiest flavored lollipop?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true lover?