are you a true hunger game fan

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Do you keep on wondering if you are a fan of the hunger games trioligy well say bye bye to the doubts try this quiz you will be amazed try it click the first question now

Try,this quiz now it is an awesome quiz you will be amazed this quiz does,not only have your results it has well you will find out and may the oddsbr ever in your favor

Created by: cherylrocks of twilight freak
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  1. What is peeta"s last name
  2. what is the hg about
  3. Where is cashmere from (75th hg)
  4. What is the name of katniss"s stylest
  5. What is the main protagonist
  6. What is katniss"s nickname hunger games
  7. was katniss the mockinjay
  8. who killed clove (74th hunger games
  9. Do you like this quiz
  10. Bye(no effect

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Quiz topic: Am I a true hunger game fan