HEY , THERE I am a gravity falls crazy fan and have made this quiz which has 10 question about gravity falls this quiz will give you the gravityfallsfan percentage after you answered all the question

there will be several options which has only 1 correct answer so choose wisely I hope you score good and enjoy hopefully we'll be making more quiz about gravity falls

Created by: gravity falls fan
  1. Norman is made up of _________ Gnomes
  2. In journal 3 two people have written about their adventure they are _______ and ________.
  3. Mabel won a pig by telling the correct weight of the pig. What was the weight of the pig ??
  4. In the Bill Cypher's wheel there were some symbols representing some characters . the ice symbol represents __________ .
  5. the symbol of question mark "?" represents ______ in bill cyphers wheel
  6. the symbol of lama in bill cyphers wheel represents _______
  7. dipper and Mabel comes from a state to spend their summer vacation in gravity falls Oregon . from where (which state) did they came from???
  8. how many fingers does the following characters have ??a.stanley b.dipper c.stanford
  9. In the 1st episode Stan told the twins they can pick any 1 gift they want from mystery shack , Dipper picks a hat , what does Mabel picks ???
  10. lastly, what is the real name of DIPPER ??

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