Are you a true german?

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Ancestry research is expensive. Instead of spending more money than you have, you could use this highly scientific quiz devised by the ancient methods of psychiogomy to get an unfailable statement by an official expert (me).

You may be german. 19.33% of all non- germans are german without ever knowing. How could you live without knowing about your heritage? Find out and come to fascinating insights!

Created by: A good friend of yours

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a german citizen?
  2. For how long have you been a german?
  3. What happened 1989?
  4. You approve of it
  5. You have ancestors in germany or austria
  6. You look like a stereotypical german
  7. You are asked if you are german sometimes
  8. You know everything about the holocaust
  9. You had sex with aryan women (traps don't count you deviant)
  10. You are married to an aryan
  11. You have children
  12. You speak german
  13. Du kannst den Sinn dieser nicht-frage wiedergeben, ohne ein √úbersetzungsprogramm zu benutzen
  14. You translated the last question all by yourself
  15. You spent your holidays in France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and Russia
  16. You didn't go there during winter
  17. You learned how to throw rocks correctly
  18. You know why you threw those rocks in your youth group
  19. You greet everyone like a tru gentleman-
  20. You greet every human lika a gentleman
  21. You know your rights
  22. You know all the rights
  23. You know what the dab stands for
  24. You tell everyone what the dab stands for
  25. You like to work efficiently
  26. You read good books, even if they are older than you
  27. You stop reading here because it lowers your productivity
  28. If you reached this point, you ailed. You are no true german. We are sorry for your parents, because you were surely a horrible child. I recommend to make pretty little crystals or go and be productive
  29. Is this over yet?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true german?