Are You A True Friend?

Man is a social being. Man can't live without companions. Companions assume a critical part in life, and why might they not, everyone offers their own things with their companions.

Discovering companions are simple, yet discovering a genuine companion is hard. Is it true that you are the genuine friend that individuals are finding? Then again only a basic companion? Do you have the characteristics of a genuine friend? Take this test to figure out. I trust you get the outcome you need. Good luck!

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Do you think you are a true friend?
  2. Do you believe this: "Prosperity brings friends, adversity tries them"?
  3. Do you have friends?
  4. Would you encourage a friend doing a bad work?
  5. Are you rude?
  6. Are you helpful?
  7. Do you share?
  8. Are you going to be with your friend if he/she is facing hardship?
  9. Which one is your quality?
  10. Do you expect more from your friends?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Friend?