How well do you know me?

There are many people on my friends list, but few true friends. A friend is someone who's always there for you no matter what. Not those who only call when they need something...

Are you a true friend? Do you know the answers to the trick questions?? Until now, you could only wonder. But thanks to this lovely quiz you will find out in a few minutes.

Created by: Michelle of myspace
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  1. My son's name is?
  2. People sometimes call me...
  3. My parents live in?
  4. I live in?
  5. My favorite drink is?
  6. I have ___ sisters.
  7. I have ___ piercings.
  8. I have ___ tattoos.
  9. If I could change one thing about about me it would be?
  10. This person can always make me smile.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?