Are You a True Fan Of Regular Show?

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Do you know regular show? Do YOU absolutely know it? Do ya> do ya? Do ya? Do ya? Well than take this quiz to prove you're a true regular fan of regular show?

The quiz will test your regular ness on the show by j g quintel on cartoon network. You better watch it before you take the test - you'll be miserable if you don't.

Created by: rigby
  1. Where do Mordecai and Rigby work?
  2. Whom does Mordecai have a crush on?
  3. What is the correct name of the yeti who always fixes Mordecai and Rigby's problems?
  4. How old are Mordecai and Rigby?
  5. What is Pops?
  6. What holiday was the first Regular Show 30 minute special based on?
  7. Who is Benson's boss?
  8. What are Mordecai and Rigby's catchphrases?
  9. What game was the pilot based on?
  10. What is bad about Mordecai and Rigby's secret camping spot?
  11. Who has a crush on Rigby?
  12. Who is Muscle Man's Best Friend?
  13. Who does muscle man always joke about?
  14. When did the first episode air?
  15. How is Don related to Rigby?
  16. What do Mordecai and Rigby go as for Halloween?
  17. What are Mordecai and Rigby?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Fan Of Regular Show?