Are you a true Earth citizen

There are many people in this world but only some know how this world actually is!Are you 1 of 4 Billion people to know such great things well this is the test that passes them all the test of all tests the citizenship test!

So are you the true master of the this hidden world,have you been listening to your peers and your television,I'm gonna find out right now and this great test will prove to you and the Earth that you belong here!

Created by: LukeSkywalker22

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  1. Have you ever experienced any spiritual exercises in Indian and Muslim countries before?
  2. In which country does the "samba" dance originate from?
  3. Who was the second president of the USA before Barack Obama?
  4. What is the so called darkest day in the world?
  5. What does the term "recycle"mean?
  6. Name one thing that would appear on a French restaurant menu.
  7. Who was the longest serving US.President?
  8. Which FIFA World Cupâ„¢ was described as the best of all of them?
  9. Which one of these is a true NBAâ„¢ teams name?
  10. Is Madagascar an island,sub-continent or country?
  11. Name one World Wonder
  12. Which city has the most population in the world?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Earth citizen