Are you a true American or a Citizen

When you take this quiz you will find out if you are a true American or just a citizen of this great land that we live in. Just take a min to take this quiz and answer it honstly.

Are you a true American or just say that you are take this quiz to find out and see whos lieing me or the quiz and it aint the quiz so answer it honstly plz.

Created by: U.S.A Rules

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  1. What Car do you drive or own
  2. Do you try to only buy American made goods or Foreign made goods
  3. Do you support our troops?
  4. Do you support our Government and its laws
  5. Would you join and fight for our country if it was invaded
  6. Who would you vote for a true American or vote for a guy who has no support for this country and takes the American flag off everything that he has
  7. If your at the age of voting or if you can vote will you vote cause this country gives you the right
  8. Do you beilive that the colonist had the right to fight for what they belive in and break away from England to from a goverment for the people by the people
  9. Do you belive that the United States gov is still for the people and by the people
  10. Do you think the American gov needs to protect and preserve American jobs in America and keep our econmy and world econmy moving or are u the type of person that if your company gets bought out or go out of business

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Quiz topic: Am I a true American or a Citizen