Are you a true Dead Zone fan?

There are many people that call themseleves Dead Zone fans. This Test will prove who the true fans are. It will take a true fan's "Dead Zone" to answer these questions. One who plays close attention to detail.

Are You the ultimate fan? Do you have the "Dead Zone" skills to qualify as a true fan? Do you think you know everything about Johnny, his friends and all that goes on in Cleave Mills? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Kess

  1. What caused Johhny's coma?
  2. How old is Johnny's son when he comes out of the coma?
  3. Where was Johnny leaving the night he went into his coma?
  4. What day did Johnny enter his coma?
  5. What is Johnnys favorite food?
  6. In what episode was Johnny on drugs?
  7. In Misbegotten what are the names of Johnny's captors?
  8. What are the names of Johnny's parents?
  9. What 2 episode names are mentioned in Pirates of the Caribbean?
  10. In what episode is it reveled to JJ that Johnny is his biological father?
  11. What episode is this quote from: "When did I turn into Boo Radley"
  12. What is the name of the psychic Johnny meets?
  13. In what episode does Johnny have to choose between saving one of his best friends and a girl he loves?
  14. In what episode does Johnny proclaim that he is pregnant?
  15. Who does Johnny stop from trying to kill Greg Stillson?
  16. What does Johnny see everytime he touches Stillson?
  17. In what episode does Johnny relive his "accident" through visions?
  18. In a Very Dead Zone Christmas what was the main course?
  19. What does Johnny buy JJ for his birthday?
  20. Who said "Johnny you had to go and piss of Mayberry"

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Dead Zone fan?