Are You A True Burnhamizer?

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Burnham has lots of fans,some don't really know them,others LOVE them to death!Take this test to find out if you are just a fan you just heard of them and likes their song,or if you are their #1 Fan who would do ANYTHING to meet them!

Are you A true Burnhmaizer?Do you know everything about them,do you listen to their songs ALL the time,or are you just that fan who doesn't really care and just listens to their music a couple times a year?

Created by: Lesya
  1. What is the name of the three brothers?
  2. How old are the brothers? (As Of December 24 2010)
  3. What was their first Official Music Vid?
  4. Who did they tour with in 2010?
  5. What Song did Burnham perform when they opened for ________(whatever answer you picked on the question before)at Montreal,QC on November 16,2010?
  6. When and where does Burnham Have their live chat with fans?
  7. How long has Burnham been preforming together?
  8. When Did Burnham have a consert at the Roar For Cure on the summer of '10
  9. What Song has Burnham been trying to get to the top 10 on Radio Disney for a long time?
  10. Did Burnham get that song onto the top 10 list on Radio Disney?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Burnhamizer?