Are you a true Robloxian?

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Have you been to to get started? There are not many real robloxians ou there! You have to have everything that is a good robloxian quality, and if you do then you are awesome!

Are you a true robloxian? I wonder if that is true because lots of people are noobs on this game. So let's see if you really are a true robloxian!?

Created by: tianna

  1. Do you dress like a noob?
  2. How do you talk?
  3. How do you build?
  4. How do you play?
  5. How old do you say you are?
  6. Do you follow the rules or break them?
  7. Who do you talk and send messages to?
  8. Do you accept friend requests?
  9. What do you do with your place?
  10. What type or player are you?

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