are you a true billy talent fan

are you the true billy talent fan. well you gotta take this quiz to find out Cause this is THE ULTIMANTE BILLY TALENT QUIZ so if you love billy talent then you'll love this quiz and if you listen to him after the quiz you'll know what i'm talkin about

cause if you take this quiz and ace it show your friends. and if they like billy talent too then give the a chance so they can see if they are THE TRUE BILLY TALENT FAN oh and dont worrie it will only take oh say 5 or 6 minutes

Created by: Austin

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  1. whats their first albums name
  2. Whats the name of the second album
  3. where does river belows music video take place
  4. where does Red Flags music video take place
  5. Where does Fallen leaves music video take place
  6. What band are they close friends with
  7. How many fan clubs do they have
  8. Where did try honestys music video take place
  9. Do they have a myspace
  10. Which one of these are NOT one of there Songs

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Quiz topic: Am I a true billy talent fan