Are you a true AFI Fan

Although, AFI has always had a large fan base their are those few who understand and appreciate AFI(the super fans) Are you a true afi fan. Do you love going to AFI show and screaming your lungs out. Does the fire inside of you burn bright

Take the quiz and find out now. If you do love AFI and understand them im pretty sure you'll get great results. my quiz is intended to find out if you are a true AFI fan. i know your dying to know so take the quiz already.

Created by: Luis

  1. How many AFI albums or EP's do you own?
  2. What is your favorite AFI album?
  3. What does AFI stand for?
  4. When was the band formed?
  5. What does DF stand for? are you in the DF?
  6. How many members are in the band.
  7. Which are the original band members.
  8. What chant do people scream at AFI shows.
  9. What was AFI's first EP?
  10. DO you like the old AFI or the new AFI?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true AFI Fan