Are you a traveller or a tourist?

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How high is your level of adventure and willingness to seek out the obscure places of the planet? How well do you know your 'travel style'? Is it as a Tourist or a Traveller?

Answer the questions below to find out if you are a Tourist or a Traveller. Don't forget to share the quiz with your friends, via Wordpress / Facebook / Twitter / etc!

Created by: Gretta
  1. What do you do most on holidays?
  2. What is your guide-book when travelling?
  3. How do you pack?
  4. Have you travelled alone before (for more than 2 days) ?
  5. Do you meet random individuals while travelling?
  6. How do you usually book flights?
  7. Which is your ideal summer break?
  8. Which do you prefer?
  9. Which best describes you: "I'm not going home without.."
  10. There are ATV's (Quad bikes) for rent on the island you are staying. Do you;

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Quiz topic: Am I a traveller or a tourist?