what kind of traveller are you

this is about a quiz that you can find out wich traveller would you be i know this is sort of wierd but we tried our best to make the best test possible this is my second test after bakugon picking attribute.

your results may not be right this is just for fun we dont want to copy anything just like i said we tried our best so enjoy the quiz hope you like the result

Created by: agit
  1. how often do you travel on weekends?
  2. how much money would you spend just to go on vacations?
  3. how often would you go outside of your country?
  4. how long would you stay on your vacation?
  5. how ofton do you eat exotic foods?
  6. what would you use to travel ?
  7. how bad would you feel if your vacation was cancelled
  8. would you go to a resort ,hotel or your grannies home?
  9. would you go to site seings?
  10. what would you say when you come back from your vacation?

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Quiz topic: What kind of traveller am I