Are you Sneads Ferry enough?

Hey You! You look like your a tourist! Your not? Then Prove it! Take this test and See if YOU, are Sneads Ferry Enough. Step up to the plate. Your awful Confident, huh kid? Aww well, we'll see..

You think your Sneads Ferry Eough! HA! You wish, you tourist! But, please, your welcome to take my Test. Step right up and test your skill. Or lack there of.

Created by: Tanner

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  1. What is the name of the annual celebration for Sneads Ferry?
  2. How Many Mc Donald Do we have?
  4. Cicilization?
  5. Busiest Street?
  6. Popular Truck?
  7. Most Likely to See..
  8. Best Place to Hang Out?
  9. Gun?
  10. Finish this sentence. It's _______ Season!
  11. If you wre tapped on the Right shoulder you should look to your..?
  12. Click The Answer.
  13. What comes after April 30th?
  14. Your opinion on Sneads Ferry? (Wont Effect Percentage)

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Quiz topic: Am I Sneads Ferry enough?