Are you a total nerd?

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With hipsters walking around with their Pabst Blue Ribbon and there glasses with no lenses, people have lost focus and what it really means to be a nerd. The true nerds are getting mixed in with the it crowd. But there are still a few of those old-fashioned gamers left.

Are you a hipster or a nerd? Do you know the true meaning of nerdiness, or have you read part of the Harry Potter series once... maybe. Here is how you find out, from a true nerd!

Created by: Betty

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  1. Do you still quote Napoleon Dynamite?
  2. Are your texts grammatically correct?
  3. Do you know what the word, "Dichotomy" means?
  4. Did you beat any of the Zelda games?
  5. Do you own and use more than one gaming system? (Computer/online gaming counts)
  6. Do watch anime?
  7. Do you know who Neville Longbottom is?
  8. Have you read the complete Narnia and Harry Potter series'?
  9. Do you know where Mr. Darcie is from?
  10. How many Twilight books have you read?
  11. How many tv shows do you watch regularly?
  12. Have you ever larped?
  13. Are you OCD about punctuation and spelling?
  14. Do you know the difference between being obsessive compulsive and actually having OCD?

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Quiz topic: Am I a total nerd?