Legend of zelda quiz (Hard)

This quiz is for only true zelda gamers. Don't bother coming here if you don't play it. This quiz is all about Random general zelda knowledge, to be able to do this quiz, you must not play zelda, you must know zelda.

Do you think you are a true zelda gamer? You can try it with this quiz, but be warned. This isn't your everyday quiz, there are some tough ones in here, so if you don't think you have it, go play some zelda, not just for the quiz, but because it's an awesome game that many can enjoy.

Created by: Baconerd
  1. Easy: Who is the main character? (the player)
  2. Easy: Who is your fairy companion in most games?
  3. Easy: What is links main goal throughout the majority of the games?
  4. Easy: Who is the antagonist (the bad guy) in most games?
  5. Easy: What was the first zelda game called?
  6. Time for a difficulty curve! Medium: What is the name of Links horse?
  7. Medium: In twilight princess, what animal can link transform into?
  8. Medium: In ocarina of time, Zelda disguises herself as who?
  9. Medium: Which of these games is a NON-canonical zelda game?
  10. This is the last medium, you have been warned! When was the first zelda game released?
  11. Hard: Which zelda game is considered one of the greatest games in history?
  12. Hard: Which game introduces heart containers?
  13. Hard: What is the currency in the non-canonical, the faces of evil?
  14. Hard: Which of these items can deflect Ganondorf's projectiles in ocarina of time/wind waker etc.
  15. Hard: What race is link in ocarina of time?
  16. Super Hard (No looking at the wiki): How many games has chain chomp appeared in?
  17. Super Hard: How many different swords are in the legend of zelda series?
  18. Super Hard: How many Games does gohma appear in?
  19. Super hard: There is a famous meme from Zelda II where a villager says:
  20. Super Hard: In The spirit temple in ocarina of time, there is a statue of a woman. You can grapple onto her:

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