Are You a Tomboy or Girly-Girl?

This quiz will tell you if you are a girly girl or tomboy. Some people might not know, so this will tell you. Have you ever seen something like this, like exactly the same? If so, please rate it. Thank you for taking this. If you think it was bad, please tell me, i made it when i was bored and this is my first. I hope you like it.

Hey, you can see what your opposite is too (like if your a girly girl, you can do the tomboy answers, and see what your not). but that's just what you can do

Created by: suzie
  1. Sports or makeover
  2. What's ur favorite color (i don't get y people hate this question)
  3. Favorite flower and actor
  4. Will u rate this
  5. Animals, what do u like
  6. what's your dream job
  7. what movie
  8. what kinda cloths do u wear
  9. almost done, the most important. what do u think u r, tomboy or girly girl
  10. will this change u

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Quiz topic: Am I a Tomboy or Girly-Girl?