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  • I really liked this quiz but the part i liked the most was won't be caught dead in a dress so... true!!!! I think you should make alot more quizies you are very talented when it comes to this but a little advice don't say anything about what you should do in the future in the results. I plan to be a writer, good luck!

  • I got tomboy. I enjoyed the quiz! Didn't really see anything wrong with it at all. Very entertaining. I'm not sure what else to say... :P

  • perfect quiz i got tomboy the description was perfect i like hanging around girls but haging around boys is awsome to boys are rough i love rough he he i played ball tag with a game of mostly guys so oh yah gooooooo tomboys and the good things is all my best friends are tomboys except this on girl shes super girly i dont talk to her much she has to look perfect s he doesn't like being weird but me and the rest of us tomboys love weirdness oh yah im toatlly weird ad a tomboy

    united states
  • ooooh coolio!!! im in between apparently but i think im a bit more than that..... and i dont wanna be a lawyer like it said i did - i wanna design video games!!!!!!

  • most of my result is true most is false but all the same the quiz was okay youre actually a good quiz maker

    maddie 11
  • Normal was my answer, but I'm more on the Tomboy side.

    Good quiz!

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!! i'm a tomboy!!!!! i'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

  • i am not normal I'd say i am about 80precent tomboy, and 20precent girly.


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