Are you a tomboy??

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Hey there! So have you ever wondered if you are a tomboy? Maybe you are a girly-girl? Maybe you think your a tomboy, but your really not!!! Well today you will find out!

So remember, a tomboy is a girl that rough, noisy activities like a boy. They like to hand out with them at parties, and like to play their sports. A girly-girl, well... the name says it all! They like makeup, dresses, and cute hair. They like neat rooms and houses! Anyways, good luck!

Created by: Crazy_Horse_girl
  1. First question, Do you like makeup?
  2. What are your siblings?
  3. At a party would you rather go play kickball or bake cookies?
  4. Favorite animal..
  5. Have you ever driven a tractor?
  6. What do you like to wear?
  7. Where do you live?
  8. Ya like to be outside?
  9. What's ya favorite music genre?
  10. What's your favorite color?
  11. Do you like sports?
  12. You prefer to drive....
  13. Last question! Your having a sleepover, you want to sleep-

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Quiz topic: Am I a tomboy??